2nd Tank Install Update:

We are about 80% done with the construction of the second float room, still working very hard to get it up and running ASAP! We ARE back open and scheduling floats again in between construction. Thanks for understanding and your continued support in the magical rebirth of West Baltimore!   

Free Your Body

Many people are curious about what it is like to be weightless, focused and relaxed. Floating in a Samadhi Tank allows you to experience this and more. The float experience is unique and different for each person. Some people experience a deep pool of quiet calmness, others investigate different ways of perceiving, and some enjoy the ability to move and feel their body without the pull of gravity. Floating allows everyone to experience themselves in new way.

Give the gift of relaxation!


What is Floating?

Why Float?

The benefits of floating are extensive and vary from person to person.  Many floaters report both physical and mental benefits from floating.

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How does it work?

When you arrive we will guide you through the process from start to finish. Here are some things you can expect to happen:

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  • There are three main factors involved in floating: reduced gravity, sensory deprivation and Epsom salts. Together they rebuild the body and give it a chance to relax, heal, rebuild and revitalize

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